Maturity has no Age

I was a frequent viewer of this Program (India’s Best Dramebaaz) last year and It’s quite Entertaining to see kid’s (around 5-13 years) innocence at the same time, their dedication at work they have. Though I haven’t seen from the start of the 2nd season, I watched one of the episodes recently and I gave a thought to write about a 11-year-old Young Girl “Stuti Tiwari” from Bhopal.

She lost her Father at a very young age and her bond with him was much closer than her mother. She loves sharing every obstacles with him and she continues, by writing down in a piece of paper and hides it from her mother so that, she doesn’t get hurt – knowing her little girl still misses him. It was noticed by her mother one day while Stuti was rehearsing for the show, she found the following written behind the Script –

“Dad, I Miss You !! I’m in a Good Position and I Miss You so much that, I can’t share it with you”

There are times when kids do few things for a reason not to hurt their parents and parents don’t understand that but, consider their children are too young to take decisions in life. Sometimes parents should accept that “Maturity has no Age”. Instead of letting them down, parents really should be Proud that they are blessed to have an “Understanding Child” and they are “Growing Up Fast & Strong” against their weakness. You should never let the child down unless they are doing something wrong.

They need your “Support” because you’re the “Only Strength” they have. It’s not that they’re pointing you wrong or saying you don’t have the ability to help them but, they’re asking you to listen to them through your heart and accept their Choice.

Do watch the same in the video –

Source: Parth, Kartikey And Stuti – Performance – Episode 7 – January 02, 2016 – Indias Best Dramebaaz Season 2 | Watch India’s Best Dramebaaz Season 2 Zee TV Reality Show Full Episodes and Videos Online at